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Brigade Insignia Kogilu Cross

Brigade Insignia on Kogilu Cross enjoys excellent connectivity and developed infrastructure. Anticipated social developments are set to provide convenient access to all needed features, making Kogilu Cross a compelling choice for those seeking a better lifestyle.

Brigade Insignia Kogilu Cross enjoys excellent connectivity. The easy access to well- developed localities will positively affect the locality’s growth. The area connects to reputed schools, revered hospitals, and major IT hubs. The project location is one of the top areas where many people prefer to live, as it has a wide network of roads and highways.

The location is a favourite space in the city to own a home, and this luxury project is the most awaited project in North Bangalore. Due to the area’s social framework, the value of real estate projects is increasing quickly.

The area has seen real estate growth in recent years and is fascinating. A lot of buyers and people are moving to settle here. The modern life here improves the quality of life and adds to investment value.

  • Good Connectivity – The project location offers an easy transport network to all areas of the city through a network of roads and highways. There are buses, metro, and trains to connect to all areas easily.
  • Steady real estate appreciation – The location is the best place to invest as it is developing fast with steady growth in real estate. As the project is near the airport, the developments are quick, and prices are increasing.
  • Job market – The area is near big IT hubs, startups and other businesses, which provide jobs to a lot of people and attract a lot of people to settle here.

Kogilu Cross is one of the seamless locations for real estate investment, as the demand for houses continues to rise and property values are increasing here. The real estate market will grow, and investing here is the best option now.


Brigade Insignia Bangalore

Brigade Insignia in Bangalore is developing in the northern part of the city. Bangalore is as IT hub that has substantially changed over time to a bustling metropolis. The city’s lovely climate, and modern lifestyle have lured people from all over the country, which increased the real estate prices.

The city has experienced amazing growth, making it one of the most important cities in India. Brigade Insignia is the ultimate investment option in Bangalore for those who wish to relish the benefits of a developed city but need a detached luxurious house from bustling city life.

  • Thriving Job market – The city has a lot of jobs in the IT sector, and many startups are here, which offer jobs to a lot of people.
  • Better Transport network – The city has a good transport network to all areas of the city through a wide network of buses and metro. All areas can be reached easily with a wide network of roads and highways.
  • Better Lifestyle – The city has a better and a modern lifestyle as there are a lot of entertainment options. The climate is pleasant throughout the year, which attracts a lot of people to settle here.
  • Lot of housing choices – The city has a wide range of housing choices in different sizes and varied price ranges. Buyers can choose from budget-friendly to luxury properties. Bangalore allows people to invest in their dream homes and be assured of high returns.

Brigade Insignia in Bangalore will be the next massive landmark in the city. Investing in Brigade Insignia is an excellent decision as it offers a premium lifestyle in a gated community.


Brigade Insignia RERA

Brigade Insignia Yelahanka is a prestigious project that has received RERA approval with the ID PRM/KA/RERA/1251/309/PR/180524/006894. It has also cleared other NOCs and received approvals from BDA, BBMP, BMRDC, and various banks.

All Brigade projects comply with RERA regulations and have received RERA approval. The venture is currently under construction and will be ready for occupancy in 2028.

  • Provides buyer with access to court if there is any rule violation
  • Better Transparency and Information Accessibility
  • Timely Delivery
  • Increases the trustworthiness of the builder
  • Consumer Protection
  • Reduces chances of mismanagement
  • Guarantees rights of buyers
  • Clarity on Pricing

Brigade Insignia will strictly obey the guidelines of RERA, ensuring timely completion. They will strictly follow their delivery of quality projects using standard construction materials. Also, they will deliver this project on time on the given deadlines.


Brigade Insignia Apartment

Apartments are self-contained homes within buildings with roomy spaces that are ideal for today's buyers. Each apartment is a self-contained housing unit with a living room, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, etc. These are preferred options for living in big cities since they are safe to live as a community.

A luxury apartment is planned to provide the buyer with higher levels of comfort and convenience. It will be spacious in premium posh locations. Luxury apartments are in greater demand in Bangalore because of the first-class lifestyle offered. Most projects are launching in strategic locations.

Brigade Group has launched a premium ultra-luxury township project in Kogilu cross, “Brigade Insignia”, offering the residents classic 3 and 4 BHK luxury apartments. It is a gated community providing extravagance and convenience in a single place. This new luxury apartment project will lift the face of Kogilu Cross.

  • Added security: The building will have CCTV cameras at all important entry/exit points and separate security services. The residents will get extra security with a 24*7 security team and restricted access.
  • High-end luxury homes: The units here are the pinnacle of modern city life and are built with the best materials. There are spacious homes with the best finish for those who want a luxurious life in the city.
  • Plethora of modern amenities: The project offers a wide range of modern features that all the residents here can have complete access to.
  • Privacy: All the units are designed with maximum privacy so that no two doors face each other, and each unit will get needed privacy.
  • Best community living: The apartment offers community living, which creates a great living between the residents, and nobody will feel lonely or separated.


Brigade Insignia is located in Yelahanka, Kogilu Cross, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064. It is nestled in the prime area of North Bangalore, close to top IT firms.

The township is sprawled over 6 acres of massive land with 80% dedicated open space.

The project offers lavishly designed 3 and 4 BHK apartments with 5 BHK penthouse apartments. The size range of the apartments is 2145 sq. ft. to 5947 sq. ft.

Yes, the project has been approved by RERA, and its RERA ID is PRM/KA/RERA/1251/309/PR/180524/006894.

The venture is currently in the under-construction stage and has received RERA and other necessary approvals. The construction of model apartments, amenities, and towers has been initiated.

The project was launched in May 2024 after approval from Karnataka RERA Board.

The project is available for possession and occupancy from June 2029.

Brigade Group

The Brigade Group is a leading real estate property developer in South India founded by M.R. Jaishankar in the year 1986. The Brigade Group has operations in major cities in India and a representative office in Dubai. It has won a lot of awards in the construction industry.

 Brigade Group Projects in Bangalore
  • Unceasing effort for quality
  • Impressive designs
  • Put customer needs first
  • Finest customer approach
  • Total Transparency in business
  • Always meet deadlines.

Brigade Group always puts the needs of customers first, and they never compromise on quality. They always meet project deadlines and have total transparency in their business. All these made them one of the best real estate developers in India.

Upcoming projects are the properties that are new and are coming up for construction. The booking process has started for buyers and investors for those upcoming projects. In 2024, Brigade Group started many projects in Bangalore that are upcoming and are ready for booking.

Some upcoming projects by Brigade Group in Bangalore are

 Brigade Sanctuary

Brigade Sanctuary is in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore over an area of 14 acres. The project price ranges from Rs. 72. 0 Lakhs to 2. 86 Crores. There are 1275 units in the project over 8 towers. A one BHK Flat ranges from 656. 0 Sq. Ft. A three BHK Flat ranges from 1400. 0 Sq. Ft. to 2027. 0 Sq. Ft. A four BHK Flat ranges from 2027. 0 Sq. Ft. to 2491. 0 Sq. Ft. The launch of the project is in November 2023. The project is for possession from December 2028.

 Brigade Calista

Brigade Calista Phase 2 is at Budigere Cross, Bangalore, over an area of 11 acres. The Phase 2 project lies in the price range of Rs. 89. 0 Lakhs to 1. 83 Crores. The project has over 485 units over 1 tower. A 2 BHK Flat ranges from 1154. 0 Sq. Ft. to 1204. 0 Sq. Ft. A three BHK Flat ranges from 1352. 0 Sq. Ft. to 1789. 0 Sq. Ft. The project's launch is in October 2023. The project is for possession from December 2027.

 Brigade Valencia

The Brigade Valencia project is in Electronic City, Bangalore South, over an area of 25 acres. There are 662 units in the project over 4 towers. The project has 22 floors in each tower and has 85% Open Space. The size of the units varies from 340 sq. ft to 2100 sq. ft. A one BHK flat ranges from 341 sq. ft. at Rs. 41.5 Lakhs. A 2 BHK flat of 578 sq. ft. is at Rs. 70.12 Lakhs. A three BHK flat ranges from 879 sq. ft. at Rs. 82.2 Lakhs. A four BHK flat ranges from 1,402 sq. ft. at Rs. 1.3 Crores.

Ongoing projects are those in which the construction is going on, and the occupancy certificate is yet to be issued. Several projects are now ongoing in Bangalore by Brigade Group, and some of them include

 Brigade Laguna

Brigade Laguna is in Hebbal, Bangalore, and the price ranges from Rs. 1. 0 Crores to 1. 9 Crores. A two BHK Flat ranges from 1194.0 sq ft. A three BHK Flat ranges from 1629.0 sq ft to 1888. 0 sq ft. The project's launch is in February 2022, and the project is for possession from December 2025.

 Brigade Gem

Brigade Gem is in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore over an area of 2 Acres. The price of the project is in the range of Rs. 65. 5 Lakhs to 1. 1 Crores. The project has 138 units over 4 towers. A two BHK Flat in this project ranges from 1121.0 to 1125.0 sq ft. A 3 BHK Flat here ranges from 1513.0 sq ft to 1543.0 sq ft.

 Brigade Horizon

Brigade Horizon is on Mysore Road, Bangalore, over an area of 5 acres. The price of the project is available in the range of Rs. 69. 2 Lakhs to 1. 10 Crores. The project has 372 units over 18 towers. A 2 BHK Flat here ranges from 1064. 0 Sq. Ft. A three BHK Flat here ranges from 1473. 0 Sq. Ft. The project's launch is in August 2022. The possession of this flat is in December 2026.

Completed projects are those where the construction work is done, and a completion certificate is given. The project is ready to be occupied by buyers, and they can take possession at any time. In Bangalore, several projects are completed by Brigade Group, and some of them include

 Brigade Orchards

Brigade Orchards is in Devanahalli in Bangalore, over an area of 130 acres. The project price ranges from Rs. 65. 0 Lakhs to 1. 20 Crores. The project has over 905 units over 20 towers. A 2 BHK Flat ranges from 1080. 0 Sq. Ft. to 1390. 0 Sq. Ft. A three BHK Flat ranges from 1290. 0 Sq. Ft. to 1700. 0 Sq. December 2014 is the launch date, and the possession date of this project is May 2018.

 Brigade Gardenia

Brigade Gardenia is in J P Nagar, Bangalore, over an area of 15 Acres. The units come at a price from Rs. 52. 0 Lakhs to 1. 1 Crores. The project has a total of 1000 flats. A 1 BHK Flat is from 810.0 Sq. Ft. A 2 BHK Flat here ranges from 980. 0 Sq. Ft. to 1050. 0 sq. Ft. A three BHK Flat ranges from 1430. 0 sq. Ft. to 1430. 0 sq. Ft.

 Brigade Panorama

Brigade Panorama is at Mysore Road, Bangalore, over an area of 11 Acres. The project's prices range from Rs. 69. 0 Lakhs to 76. 0 Lakhs. The project has over 1035 units over 7 towers. A 2 BHK Flat ranges from 1074. 0 Sq. Ft. to 1117. 0 Sq. Ft.

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